Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to deal with low level corruption

I think we should use the technology to deal with low level corruption, I mean to say that we should use IT like process, where you can complain by calling/sending SMS/e-mail (Because today mobile phone is available for almost every one, even in village area. You can also use internet to log a case).
I want to explain with an example:-
Suppose one person gone to one government office where one government employee asking for a bribe to do his work.  What he has to do is he should come out from the office and just send one SMS to the Lokpal setup call centre with all details (the detail will cover his name, his location, Contact number, Government office name, and for what purpose a bribe has been asked) . In the call centre which is managed by Lokpal a case/ticket will be created which will have a SLA, then the call centre employee will search his data base and try to find a contact of supervisor of that Gov employee who has asked for a bribe and then send a mail if possible or call him and inform him about that the bribe has been asked from your employee. Then that supervisor will inform to his employee that I have got complain against you. Then supervisor will give assurance to call centre employee saying now bribe will be not asked from employee, please send that person (who has logged a case/Ticket) his work will be done legally. Then same will be informed to person who has logged a case through SMS/e-mail/call by call centre employee.
If the supervisor is not listening then call centre employee will escalate to his supervisor.
If more than five time a complain logged against same employee and he found guilty after investigation then he can be prosecuted as per the Law.
The process will be quite faster and it will resolve the issue of low level of corruption. If one or two time happen in one office then, all employees who working in that office will have fear before asking for a bribe.
This process should be applicable for any Government or Private sectors.

Believe me this will solve the Low level of Corruption, because any one can log a case by sending a simple SMS/e-mail/call

I appeal to all of my friends to think more and try to make correction in my comment, if I am wrong in some place.